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ESD Keyboard

Static Dissipative ESD Keyboards


The ESD Store

Control The Static in The Office   - ESD Office Accessories



Static Dissipative ESD Black Mini Desk

Keyboard fits well in small areas. Embedded numeric Keys and USB Connector.

PN: RKSI    

To purchase this item,

  System Requirements

  • IBM® or compatible PC
    USB port

Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.6 x 1.75 inches; 2.0 pounds.Static Dissipative surface 1x106 to 5x1010 ohms


 Standard Black slim size PC 104 Keyboard, USB Interface


PN: RLOG    

System Requirements

  • IBM® or compatible PC
    Windows® 98, 2000, Me, XP
    PS2 or USB port

Dimensions: 18.5 x 8 x 1.55 inches; 2.0 pounds. EMI: FCC part 15, subpart B, class B, C-tick, CNS, VCCI. Safety: TUV, UL, CSA CE. Static Dissipative surface 1x106 to 5x1010 ohms. Static Dissipative







     ESD Safe Mice

ESD Safe Mouse Pad

  Ultra-clean and dissipative synthetic rubber mat with optional Ground cord. 

Developed for Class 1000 cleanroom work areas.

   Reduce tribo charging.


PN: WV75 Unit Price 13.25 ea. No Cord



 PN: WV75-G -  Unit Price $24.75 each



* PN WV45G - Ground Cord Only 

$8.98 ea 






PN –R5M 



PN – R4M    

System Requirements

  • IBM® or compatible PC
    USB port

  • Macintosh® system
    Mac® OS X+
    USB port.

  • Three buttons

  • Interface: USB

  • ESD Safe - Static Dissipative surface 1x106 to 1x1010 ohms

  • All Laser, No mouse ball, no cleaning, incredibly smooth tracking

 Package Contents

  • Logitech® or Equiv MS Optical Mouse USB

  • Installation Guide







World leading products and solutions to meet the electronic industry's challenge of protecting static sensitive devices.


We offer a multitude of  products aimed at  protecting devices from static during the testing or  manufacturing process



  • Long term reliability,
  • Quality manufactured



All Keyboards and Mice confirm to the following ESD specifications:


Surface Resistance:


Static Dissipative surface 1x106 to 1x1010 ohms


Static Decay: Less than 2 sec

Items should be cleaned periodically to remove finger oils and dirt from user.


Recoating service available.


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