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Workstation Cleaners

Pre-Packaged Wipers

Cleaning Wipes

 Staticide Anti-septic Telephone Cleaning Wipes
Suited for cleaning all non-porous surfaces of the telephone. The special bacteriostatic properties in the wipe instantly sanitize the telephone's surface, thereby eliminating the spread of germs and bacteria.(twc-135)

Staticide Wipes
Ideal for use on keyboards and CRT screens.  Meets or exceeds military electrostatic decay criteria. This long lasting wipe prevents dust attraction, is biodegradable, and is safe and easy to use. For use on all materials that are not adversely affected by water or alcohol.(swc-135)


Staticide Clean & Clear Optical Wipes

The ultimate lens and screen wipe.

These pre-moistened wipes contain a unique solution that cleans better and keeps lenses cleaner longer. Ideal for cleaning most types of glass and plastic lenses including goggles, cameras, binoculars, microscopes, camcorders and magnifiers. It also fights fog build-up. (ccw-135)  $15.95/Canister


  Mat and Table Top Cleaner

This unique conductive Mat & Tabletop Cleaner is  Non-abrasive, non-streaking and especially important, non-flammable cleaner ideal for general use on benches, work stations, table tops and anti-static mats. It effectively and quickly removes dirt without degrading the surface's anti-static properties.

It effectively removes flux residues, oil finger marks, grease nicotine, dirt or grime and inorganic contaminants without damaging the surface. This non-abrasive cleaner is ideal for general use on most all workstations, tabletops and anti-static mats. Leaves no film, is non-streaking and non-flammable.  Removes surface dirt on chair mats or other anti-static mats.

Designed for cleaning any production area in assembling, testing or handling sensitive electronic components.Maintains original surface resistivity of anti-static mats.

Available in sizes of:
#6001 /12 quarts per case .......$ 94.20 per case



Pre-moistened 5" swabs

These are pre-packaged ,convenient to use for cleaning mice, keyboard keys, tape heads, electronic parts and all office and production equipment. 24 swabs per bag. - Order 1 bag. #8020   $ 26.00 / bag

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Anti-Static Foam Cleaner

This easy to use cleaner is specially formulated for general external cleaning of glass and plastic materials. Leaves no film while keeping equipment clean and best of all ... static free.

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  # 8072     $7.45 / can


Carpet Cleaner

ACL #50

1 Pint

$8.90 each



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